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    Exodus-login was launched on July 29, 2016. Its creators are JP Richardson and Daniel Castagnoli. The Exodus homepage describes them as “two guys with a passion for blockchain assets.”

    The Exodus wallet is a desktop wallet designed to be used with Windows, Linux, and Apple Mac systems. Each version can be downloaded directly from the Exodus homepage. It doesn’t currently have mobile or online applications.


    I’ll tell you about their designs, their features, and their user-friendliness. I’ll also tell you which wallet is safer and which is the cheapest. When you finish reading, you’ll be able to decide who the winner of “Jaxx vs Exodus” is for yourself.

    Cryptocurrencies are different from fiat currencies in many ways. They aren’t the official currencies of nations and they aren’t available as paper notes or metal coins.

    Cryptocurrencies put their users in control. There are no bank accounts, no credit checks, and no central reserve. There is only the blockchain; a complete and unchanging record of every transaction that’s ever been made.

    Top 5 supported cryptocurrencies:

    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
    • Tether
    • Binace Coin
    • Terra


    A key factor to be noted specific to security is that as of this writing, Exodus does not have access to your assets or private keys. The wallet’s non-custodial framework means that all storage and encryption takes place on the user’s hard drive, not on the Exodus platform. Once the platform has been downloaded, users access their account via password. Should users need to recover their account, they will be prompted to do so via a 12-word recovery phrase.

    For users who prefer securing their assets offline, Exodus has partnered with Trezor to allow users to manage their assets from the Trezor hardware wallet. With the hardware wallet connected to Exodus, users can send, exchange, and receive assets while maintaining their private keys and assets offline. One item to note is that Trezor supports hundreds of assets.